Bonus: Olivia Sudjic Interview


Duration: 37 minutes 25 seconds

Bonus: Olivia Sudjic Interview

In this bonus episode, we interview British author Olivia Sudjic in central London about her debut novel 'Sympathy', a psychological thriller about Instagram obsession. In 2017, ‘Sympathy’ was selected as one of the debut novels of the year by The Observer and Elle UK. And, it has been hailed as the “First Great Instagram Novel” by The New Republic.

Olivia was born in 1988. She studied English Literature at Cambridge University where she was awarded the E.G. Harwood English Prize and made a Bateman Scholar.

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Hosted by Emma Wise, Claudine Howard, Jo Nicholas and Jennifer Daniels.
Produced by Kevin Fasusi. 
Original score was written and performed by Kevin Fasusi. 
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