Episode 06: Anything is possible


Duration: 35 minutes 01 seconds

Episode 6: Anything is Possible

In this episode, we review "Anything is possible" by American novelist and author Elizabeth Strout. We briefly look at Elizabeth Strout as a writer and her other work. We give a synopsis of the book and take a look at what critics and people in the online book community have got to say about this novel. We then dive into a discussion about the themes. At the end of the show, you hear our ratings (out of five stars). Finally, we hit the streets to ask members of the public to tell us about their favourite book.

Which co-host did it almost bring to tears? Who found it difficult to connect with this novel? Find out in the latest episode of Absolutely Novel.

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Hosted by Emma Wise, Claudine Howard, Jo Nicholas and Jennifer Daniels.
Produced by Kevin Fasusi. 
Original score was written and performed by Kevin Fasusi. 
Artwork created by Mark McTiernan, HTDL