Bonus: Paul Howarth Interview


Duration: 35 minutes 52 seconds

Bonus: Paul Howarth Interview

In this bonus episode, we interview British author Paul Howarth about his critically acclaimed debut novel 'Only Killers and Thieves'. A dark western set in 1880's Queensland, Australia, about two young brothers on a trail for revenge. It's an epic tale of family, guilt, empire and race.

In this interview, we discuss the characters, themes and the Australian and British colonial history behind the book.

Paul is a former lawyer, dual Australian-UK citizen and recent alumnus (with honours!) of the renowned University of East Anglia Creative Writing MA.

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Hosted by Emma Wise and Jo Nicholas.
Researched by Emma Wise, Claudine Howard and Jo Nicholas.
Produced by Kevin Fasusi. 
Original score, written and performed by Kevin Fasusi. 
Artwork created by Mark McTiernan, HTDL