Bonus: Ayelet Gundar-Goshen Interview


Duration: 29 minutes 11 seconds

Bonus: Ayelet Gundar Goshen Interview

In this bonus episode, we interview award-winning Israeli author Ayelet Gunder-Goshen about her latest novel "Liar".

The novel is about Nofar, an average teenage girl - so average that she's almost invisible. But Nofar's world completely changes when in walks faded celebrity Avishai Milner who insults and humiliates her at the ice-cream parlour where she has been working all summer long. But after a moment of anger and misunderstanding, he suddenly finds himself accused of sexually assaulting her. Now everyone wants to talk to Nofar.

We talk with Ayelet about this dark version of the Cinderella story that she has created, where a lie is the ultimate magic that turns the protagonist from a nobody to a somebody.

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Hosted by Emma Wise, Claudine Howard and Jo Nicholas.
Researched by Emma Wise, Claudine Howard and Jo Nicholas.
Produced by Kevin Fasusi and Jennifer Daniels. 
Original score, written and performed by Kevin Fasusi. 
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