The Small Business Sessions Podcast

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Whether you’re a full-time entrepreneur or running your side hustle outside of office hours, you must tune into Enterprise Nation’s “The Small Business Sessions” podcast. Starting, running, and growing a business is hard work but don’t despair, this 15-minute weekly podcast will give you invaluable advice and most of all it will keep you motivated. 

What is it about?
Hosted by Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation, Series two is supported by Xero and produced by Podraffi. This series of The Small Business Sessions invites entrepreneurs and experts to Enterprise Nation HQ in East London to offer tips on how to start and grow a business. Upcoming episodes will look at topics like, how to get your product on the shelves across Britain, how to look for data on your performance and even going global. 

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About Enterprise Nation
Since launching in 2005, Enterprise Nation has helped thousands of people start and grow their business. It has and continues to support over 70,000 start-up entrepreneurs, small business owners and enterprise experts to build their businesses. It’s on “a mission to create a more entrepreneurial society in the UK, helping you start, run and grow your business”. If you fancy starting a business or need help to make it grow, then why not sign up for membership to Enterprise Nation at the monthly price of £3. You will gain access to affordable expert advice, events and resources.  Become a member today at