The Development of the Podcast Scene for Listeners

The Development of the Podcast Scene for Listeners.jpg

It’s “International Podcast Day”! Every year, on 30th September, podcasters and podcast listeners raise awareness (and educate others) about podcasts. And, that got us thinking about the developments in the podcasting industry – not for the makers but for the listeners. So, throughout October, we are writing about some of these developments.

So much has improved, especially in the last two years. The podcast scene is more vibrant, and there is so much more enthusiasm for this medium. The creativity of the recordings (such as binaural audio) has increased the immersive experience (a conversation for another day…we promise!), and the diverse range of content. Increased investment in podcasts is generating more value for the audience in the form of attending live recordings, fan merchandise, festivals, meetups and discounts/offers from podcasts sponsors. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but you get the idea.

It’s been a little over two years since we founded Podraffi. We started the company to make broadcast-quality podcasting affordable for businesses, and we are pleased to see that during this time, the podcast industry has grown in the UK and continued to gain listeners. Here are some headline facts about UK podcast listeners (RAJAR/Ipsos Mori, 2018):

  • Now, 6.4 million people listen to podcasts every week (a 68% increase since 2016).

  • Today, 45% of podcast listeners are women. That's up from only 35% in Autumn 2015.

  • Most podcast listening takes place Monday to Friday.

  • 65% of people listen to podcasts via a smartphone.

  • Podcasts are generally consumed while working/studying (30%) or driving/travelling (25%).

  • Podcasts reach the highest audience between 8:00am - 8:15am.

  • Podcasts have the highest reach among 25-34-year olds.

Way back in 2004, when podcasting started, the only option of keeping up-to-date was to subscribe via an RSS on your iPod or computer/laptop. However, the proliferation of technology devices (paired with improved data plans and connections) seems to be the critical factor behind the increase in consumption of podcasts. You can now listen to podcasts via smartphones, in-car connectivity, smart TVs, smart speakers, and even smartwatches.

So, if you’re interested to see our take on the developments of the podcast scene for listeners, then join us throughout October on the Podraffi blog.