Episode 1: Careers in Genetics


Duration: 52 minutes and 49 seconds

Elisa Garimberti, Yvette Davison and Hina Vyas are three geneticists who work for the UK's National Health Service (NHS). Their roles as a clinical scientist, a genetic technologist and a medical technical officer are a part of a larger "invisible" workforce that is in operation behind-the-scenes of any large hospital. In this episode of Careers QnA, we find out about their career journeys - including the challenges, the highlights, the preconceptions that others have about their careers and much more.

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Careers QnA is a Podraffi Production
Presented by Jennifer Daniels. 
Produced and edited by Kevin Fasusi. 
Music production by Manon Dave and Kevin Fasusi
Our team also includes Robin Hartley.
Original artwork created by Andy Thronley of HTDL design agency. 
Special thanks go to Anthony Ioannidis, Denia Dimopoulou and George Vossinakis. 


Season One Trailer


Duration: 2 minutes 24 seconds

Podraffi presents a podcast series about careers.

Have you ever thought about a career, and wanted more insight beyond the job description, or wondered what it’s really like to do that role? Join us as we get straight answers to important questions from the people who get the job done.

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Hosted by Jennifer Daniels. 
Produced by Kevin Fasusi and Jennifer Daniels. 
Original score, written and performed by Kevin Fasusi. 
Artwork created by Andy Thornley, HTDL.