In the comfort of your own office

With years of business experience ourselves, we know how difficult and inconvenient it can be to have to add travel time onto the coordination of your team, not to mention the time and resources you need when embarking on a new project. 

That’s why we record your podcast in the comfort of your own business premises at a time that is convenient for you.

Our mobile engineer will come to your office with broadcast-quality equipment and identify a room in the building that has the best possible conditions to record the podcast. Because you already have the space, you don’t have to wait weeks for a specific slot to become available at a recording studio and you avoid the costs for hiring it as well.



Not sure where to start? Our team will work with you to help you decide what it is you want to achieve by podcasting and share with your listeners. Will you podcast weekly or create a one-off series? How will this fit in with your other marketing and communication efforts? Who will you interview? Will you direct them to your website to download PDFs? Will announcing a time-limited discount offer work? And...breathe!

Don't worry. Together, we'll create a strategy to establish an informative and engaging podcast.  

Once we have the recordings, we can either manage your podcast profile set-up and ongoing scheduling for you across multiple platforms, or simply give you the recording to manage the scheduling yourself. 



The quality of the audio recording is vitally important when it is the only medium between you and your listener. Crackling microphones, noisy rooms, outdated recording equipment and sloppy post production editing can all severely hamper the message your company is trying to deliver.

Our years of audio engineering experience coupled with using the latest broadcast-quality equipment for podcast production, means that we can remove all of the obstacles to creating an excellent sounding podcast that keeps your audience listening to the end.



If there's anything that should convince you to work with Podraffi, it is our post production skills. The way we edit podcasts is noticeably superior to the majority of podcasts on the internet today.    

For example, you may not realise that every sound you make when pronouncing a ‘p’ too close to the mic (called ‘plosives’) or the hissing sound made when pronouncing words with ‘sh’ or ‘s’ are irritating to a listener who is trying to tune into your every word. 

Then there is the matter of soundtracks. Avid listeners of podcasts will often hear the same royalty-free music featured in different podcasts and it can result in brand confusion. The podcasts that stand out above the rest are the ones that commission their own theme music to set the tone of their podcast, making it and their brand instantly recognisable.  

We believe successfully branding your own sound is the best option for you, which is why we provide bespoke theme music and transitions for every project we work on.