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Do you have an idea for a podcast? Or perhaps you want to re-purpose your blog content to create a broadcast-quality podcast? 

Here at Podraffi, we specialise in the on-site recording and post production of high-fidelity podcasts that make you sound natural and professional.

We can do as little or as much of the production process as you want, using our audio engineering expertise and knowledge of content creation to make the process easy and straightforward.


podcast production

Your podcast has the potential to inform and entertain a diverse audience, from commuters and enthusiasts to dog walkers and joggers. With that in mind, we’ll sit down with you and together decide what you want to achieve with your podcast and the audience you want to speak to.

From then on, our service is truly designed around your needs; we can give editorial advice to structure the content for each episode, compose your theme music, create your cover art, record your podcast host (and guests), and of course take care of all of your post production mixing and mastering work to enhance the final audio.

All you need to do is speak into the mic! 




You don’t have to take a day away from the office or travel miles to a recording studio. Our mobile engineer will visit your office to set up the equipment and record the content at a time that is convenient for you.

We manage the production and operations to ensure the best conditions for the equipment to record the podcast host and guests.

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The overall quality of your podcast is dependent on your equipment and surroundings. Use a poor mix of equipment that produces ambient noise and hiss and you risk turning off a listener, before they have the chance to become a subscriber.

There is a stark difference between high-fidelity and poor quality audio.


What our clients say

If you need some convincing, we all know the best recommendations come from the people with first-hand experience. Here is what they have to say about working with us.



“We approached Podraffi to assist us in a contract to provide audio services for a Government organisation. We were confident in their ability to provide the service, based on previous interactions in which our usability labs were converted into a professional studio space using their mobile equipment. Podraffi offers excellent mobile audio facilities and fast turnaround on post-production services, with a level of quality we like and most importantly delights our client.”

Anthony Ioannidis
Managing Director


Since 2011, IAsquare, user experience and design agency has been helping organisations such as Capita, Ogilvy and PayPal with their product and service design. 



"We needed to record the second series of our podcast and decided to use Podraffi because its mobile team would come to our office to record the show. I love this part of the service because it meant we could arrange for all the guests to come to us. 
Within one hour, the team transformed our boardroom into a professional studio - all our guests were impressed. And, the outcome of our podcast show is fantastic! We have a high-quality show that we can share with our 70,000+ members. This podcast production service proved to be cost-effective and I definitely plan to use it again."

Emma Jones MBE
Founder of Enterprise Nation


Since launching in 2005, Enterprise Nation has helped thousands of people start and grow their own successful business. The organisation is the UK's most active small business community and offers a voice to government for members too.