Series One, Episode Four: Empowering ‘intrapreneurs’ within the workforce


Duration: 16 minutes 28 seconds

In this episode we look at the role of empowering ‘intrapreneurs’ within the workforce. These are people who are inspiring change and new thinking inside their company.

Rachel Silver speaks to Bethan Harris, Director of Collectively, whose mission is to unleash collective action to build a better future, working with passionate people within businesses to accelerate change from the inside and Rebecca Garner, who led, inspired and supported 20 M&S employees to do this. 

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Podcast credits
Hosted by Rachel Silver.  
Researched by Daniel Himsworth and Charlotte Allport. 
Original music: "Blue" by Rose Betts (Vocalist) and Manon Dave (Producer). 
Produced and edited by Kevin Fasusi.