Series two, episode four: How a hackney brand took on the world and is winning


Duration: 18 minutes 25 seconds

Enterprise Nation presents the second series of The Small Business Sessions with the support of Xero.

In this 12-episode series, Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones speaks with entrepreneurs and experts about the different stages of starting, growing and running a business.  

Series two, episode four: How a Hackney Brand took on the world and is winning
In this episode, Jacqui Ma, Enterprise Nation Member and founder of Goodordering, talks about her London-based cycling accessories brand and how it went from a start-up to a business that sells products around the world.

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Hosted by Emma Jones MBE, Founder of Enterprise Nation.  
Produced by Kevin Fasusi and Jennifer Daniels. 
Music by Kevin Fasusi. 
Artwork created by Enterprise Nation.